Airborne Ape cups

Two series of ceramic cups with pictures and words. Design, I guess, but feels like art. I mean, for me. Also: try to find secrets and connections in the Noir series. Should be fun.

I've recentely uploaded some highlights of my Instagram project, ’Airborne Ape‘, about drawing stuff on paper cups. This project got me thinking about making the real cups, and in Dec. 2015 I finally collaborated with incredibly talented guys form Redneckware, and we did two series of real ceramic coffee cups. While I was walking around in my room, trying to make out something meaningful, these guys made 360 cups by hand! How astonishing is that!
Just take a look. Not all the photos are glamouros, but at least, hey — they are not fake. 
These cups are on their way to SPRMRKT Amsterdam, 
Rozengracht 191-193
These next cups you probably can still get at
Last call, less than 50 pieces left.
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